【成年禮講座】-寫下自己的人生故事( Write down your life story )

Poster:Post date:2013-11-05

Active Name: 【成年禮講座】- 寫下自己的人生故事( Write down your  life story )
Presenter: Mr. 黃曜烈
Title: 台灣佳能公司嘉義廠廠長(Canon Inc., Taiwan, Chiayi factory director)
Presentation topics: 【職涯經驗分享講座】-寫下自己的人生故事( Write down my life story )
Registration limited: Only for Officer & Student
2013.10.31  ~ 2013.11.13
Date: 2013.11.14  ~ 2013.11.14
Time: 13:00-15:00
Place: B244 雲水居(Yun Shui Ju),.二樓(2nd floor),國際會議廳(Intenational Conference Center)
Organizer: Office of Admissions & Career Conseling(OACC)
 Co-organizer Office of Admissions & Career Conseling(OACC)
Contact Person: 簡碩柔 主(JIAN,SHUO-ROU)
TEL: (05)-272-1001#8820
Number of people: 限 160 人 (已報名:0 人)
Registration Fee: (None)
Notes: 【成年禮講座一單元】


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