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68_78545ffa.jpg  Chien ,Shih-Jou  – Director
       TEL:05-2721001 #8820


 Manage and supervise all operation of Career Center

49_fdc43556.jpgStudent Portfolios (e-portfolio) Platform 

51_a113bb01.jpgU-CAN (Career & Competency Assessment Network) 

58_2541c9aa.jpgBureau of Employment and Vocational Training with University's Assistance Program 
      (Career lecture、Visit corporates application )

61_661d992d.jpgCounseling and Student Affairs of Working fund --- 
      Ministry of Education of University's 
Assistance Program (Career lecture)

62_3b65f99f.jpgCareer Society

63_3942bb29.jpgPlatform of Career Information 

65_696434f7.jpgTeaching Excellence Project ---
Enhance students' professional practice ability
     (B4)Enhance students' career development and employment ability

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